One of the most common WASHING MACHINE repair problems is the washer not draining after its cycle. This is completely preventable problem!

Any items that may come apart like rugs,  or that have strings even small items can ruin the pump of a washer. Costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs and service fees!

Always try to use a mesh bag for small items. Check the pockets of all clothing Before loading the washer. Overloading causes premature failure of major components. Before loading your washing machine, it is very important to check all the clothes pockets.

Leaving items like coins, nails, screws, pens, etc, in your pockets, can damage your clothes and your machine. It is not uncommon for drain pumps to fail prematurely because of a foreign object getting stuck in the impeller. A forgotten fountain pen can destroy your favorite shirt and your favorite machine too!

Always check your pockets!

Always check your pockets!


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