Garbage Disposal Myths

The dreaded garbage disposal, such a helpful little appliance.  Even “The Flintstones” had a disposal! While yours may not be alive, it certainly needs to be properly taken care of. What to do when your disposal refuses to work? Most people resort to asking someone. Those certain someones will almost always point you into some old wives tale of how her mother used to deal with the disposal. But what are the Facts?

What a disposal!

What a disposal!

Fact or Fake?

Garbage Disposals Smell Bad: If your unit is not cleaned regularly, this can happen. Debris can collect under the rubber flaps and creates a strong odor. To get rid of it, turn off the disposal and use a stiff brush or rag to clean underneath the flaps. However, if the unit is free of debris and still smells, simply grind up a couple of ice cubes and some lemon rinds, orange rinds or baking soda for a fresh clean odor. Ice cubes and vinegar can also be used. Fact!

Fact or Fake?

It Can Turn On By Itself: This is only a myth, as your garbage disposal unit must be either turned on manually or the water must be running in order for it to work. Fake!

Fact or Fake?

Hot Water Should Be Used: Hot water can melt fats which will cause a clog up in  both the unit and the pipes. Always use cold water when grinding food. Fake!

Fact or Fake?

 You Can Use Chemical Cleaners: Never pour bleach, drain cleaners or other chemicals into the garbage disposal as they can erode the unit. Fake!

Always use cold water!

Always use cold water!

Well there you have it just some of the Myths and Stories debunked about our old reliable garbage disposal.


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