Microwave Facts

One of the most used appliances in our kitchen but how much do we know about them? Well lets find out! 

  • Microwave ovens are one of the most popular kitchen appliances in the world. Did you know that 90% of American households own a microwave oven?
  • When you microwave something, you input energy into its molecules. This can produce heat and stimulate a chemical reaction.
  • You Can’t Heat Oils in a Microwave. Oils such as olive oil do not heat well in microwaves because their molecules lack the polarity found in water.
  • Benefits of microwaving food include saving time, and they are energy efficient. Microwaves also save water because foods that are traditionally boiled (e.g. corn) can be steamed or cooked in a microwave with little or no water.
  • (Dry) Kitchen Sponges – If you nuke a wet sponge for 2 minutes, it will disinfect it (though it will stink up your kitchen). If you nuke a dry sponge, it will ignite.
  • After the microwave has stopped, it’s important to leave the food in the microwave for a few minutes to make sure it’s fully heated or cooked. This is known as “carryover cooking time” or “resting time,” and it also prevents burns when handling or eating.

    Dinner is ready!

    Dinner is ready!


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