Never Make an Impulse Buy

Admit it—you almost bought a car once because it had really great cup holders.

You can avoid similar behavior in an appliance showroom by making a list of your priority features (“energy efficient,” “lifetime warranty”). Staple it to a list of competing showrooms and Web retailers so you can comparison shop for the best model with the best combination o features at the best price.

Don't throw your money in the dump!

Don’t throw your money in the dump!

Wait for a sale if you can; they say fall is the best hunting season because showrooms are trying to clear space for next year’s models. Whenever you go, ask a friend with a level head to come along.



Today’s dishwashers can be traced all the way back to Josephine Cochrane’s 1886 hand-powered machine.

Josephine Cochrane with her new invention

Josephine Cochrane with her new invention

Her creation made its debut at the 1893 Chicago’s World’s Fair.Cochrane’s invention had nothing to do with saving time or protecting her supple hands. You see, Cochrane, as the granddaughter of John Fitch, the inventor of the steamboat, was filthy rich.

She had never washed a dirty dish in her life! Cochrane only invented the modern dishwasher because her servants kept chipping her fine china!





Careful its hot!

Careful its hot!


Boiling water in the microwave can cause explosions. Not an action movie explosion with flames and slow-motion, but an explosion nonetheless. 

Heating water in the microwave in a clean ceramic or glass container can prevent bubbles from forming. Bubbles help cool the water down. Without bubbles, water gets heated beyond its boiling point. When this “superheated” water is disturbed, say you move the container or drop something into it, the heat is violently released. 

So be careful when heating up water for your tea in the microwave!